John L. Bailey, CEO and Founder, Chadnic Properties LLC

John L. Bailey, Founder

John L. Bailey grew up on a farm in rural Southern Illinois where his family raised chickens and produced eggs for area homes, restaurants and businesses. The Bailey family built a business network throughout the bi-state area. When he was 11 years old a nearby house was put up for auction and young Bailey convinced his parents to buy and fix up the property to rent. The house is still among the family assets. From that small beginning he grew a multi-million dollar real estate business spanning several states. From acquisitions to development and renovations, he has concentrated on building communities and supporting neighborhoods. He has a strong attachment to his home town of Mascoutah, Illinois. Dedicated to keeping the town thriving and successful in the face of downturns, he supported community organizations, volunteer efforts and was instrumental in the preservation of historic buildings in the area. He is well known for his philanthropy as well as his business acumen. While his management teams handle the corporate functions and profitable holdings, Mr. Bailey is still involved in many of the details of ChadNic Properties. He has also expanded his responsibilities to consulting and investment. John L. Bailey received his BA in Business Management from McKendree College in Lebanon, Illinois. He is a member of the Advisory Board of Directors for United Missouri Bank and Secretary on the Board of Trustees for McKendree University. He served on the Board of Directors for The Bridge, a non-profit organization helping the homeless and in-distress in St. Louis, Missouri.